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Musings Inc.
Musings Inc.

Alright. So, this may not sound related to the community, but I gaurantee you, it will be in some way. I have made a forum, and it's called Musings Inc. It's an ANIME forum! :D

The message board has many different anime topics such as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hellsing, FLCL, and a whole bunch more. It also has Yaoi, Yuri, and Hentai goodies (but please read the information before going into any of those) for all of you that love either of those three, and it also has a place for general chat, fanart, an ART SHOP, gaming, etc. Just a lot of good stuff.

Okay, so the reason I'm here is, obviously, to advertise my little anime forum. And I'll admit, you will most likely see this in several different places since I'm gonna be spamming all over the place.

Anyway, I need help getting this forum up and on it's feet because right now, there's few members and a whole lot of threads that need some hardcore fans to fill it up with topics.

I'm not asking for you to join it. Well, actually I sort of am, don't have to. LOL. Just check it out by clicking that button up there and if you like, then by all means...join!
And if you would, please help to spread the word around by spamming as well! ^_____________________^

Thanks a bunch to all help given!!!

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