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man..i have to admit..bebop is the first thing that ive been completely obsessed with.
its kind of weird but it doesnt bother me that much.

ha..i was watching aqua teen..and then i watched the bebop movie..and when vincent holds up the grenade like this, all i could think of was how the scientist at the beginning of aqua teen always says BEHOLD.

i know its wrong..but i just dont care.
but thats what makes it somewhat funny.

scary movie? eh?

okay...now before anyone gets offended by any of these..they were all made in clean fun.

i thought so..

its true.


and thats all

if anyone has any requests for wallpapers and such..just comment here i guess.
or you can IM me( tiessan ) and ill do whatever.
or just IM me for the hell of it.
and to everyone whos already asked me i have all of yours..i just need to get unlazy and email them:)
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