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Hello, the name's Radical Lindsay, just joined outta boredom. :P
Anyway, er, if you look at my user info, you'll notice CB's my favorite anime, rather, favorite show period.
We know how perfect it is, right? ;)
And you'll notice I'm in many other CB related communities.
Well, anyway, I love Spike, obviously, and not to be conceded or anything, but I call him my anime soul mate because I feel for him and I feel I understand him really well. Especially the "life's a dream" thing, I actually feel I know exactly what he means, even kinda felt it...or something. :P

I also love Julia and support SxJ like nuts! (See my icon?) XP I'm constantly defending them and such. Yeah.

Also, I've had a Spike-themed LJ for a while, I'm actually gonna change it soon so look at it now! :P
If you're a David Lucas/Steven Blum fan, check back at my journal sometime (probably not too soon, tho'), my new theme is gonna be based on another character he does. I also bet I'm the only big fangirl of this character. :P
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